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Monthly Archives: February 2023

Podcast Season 1, Episode 5: Women's History Month & International French Language Month

Posted by Joseph on February 28, 2023

Joseph and Katy discuss Women's History Month topics, including enslaved women, Nanette's role in the early days of Laura Plantation, Louisiana exceptionalism in women's property laws, and social mores of different eras. They also touch upon International French Language Month and the significance of French not only to Louisiana's cultural heritage but also in the process of studying and researching all aspects of Louisiana history.

Podcast Season 1, Episode 4: Harry Minor

Posted by Joseph on February 20, 2023

Harry Minor was one of two million enslaved individuals sold from the Upper South to the Lower South through the interstate slave trade. He was forcibly brought to Laura Plantation and made to assimilate into the Creole community. Hear his story, along with his own words, in this episode.

Podcast Season 1, Episode 3: The 1829 Donation + Lucy and Marius Jones

Posted by Joseph on February 13, 2023

This episode is centered around the 1829 donation of the plantation. Nanette Duparc donated the plantation and seventy-seven enslaved people to her children, Louis, Flagy, and Elisabeth, and her son-in-law Raymond Locoul. The 1829 donation led to a corporation being founded, the Duparc Brothers and Locoul Plantation, and enslaved people became either owned by the company (mostly field hands, skilled laborers, and artisans) or privately owned by individual family members (mostly enslaved house servants). We will explore the lives of two of them---Lucy Moore Jones, enslaved as a house servant and nurse for the Locoul family, and her husband, Marius Jones, an enslaved laborer for the company who appears on the inventory made at the time of the 1829 donation.

Podcast Season 1, Episode 2: The 1808 Inventory

Posted by Joseph on February 07, 2023

This episode is centered around the first people enslaved at Laura Plantation. When Guillaume Duparc died in 1808, an inventory was made of all of his property, including enslaved individuals. Learn about them and then listen to an in-depth story of Tantale, present on the 1808 inventory and who lived to see freedom.

Podcast Season 1, Episode 1: A Place Unlike Any Other

Posted by Joseph on February 06, 2023

Laura Plantation provides a cultural experience unlike any other in the United States. Here you will find the difference that exemplifies Creole Louisiana. Explore the rigors of 200 years of daily life, along with the sobering experience of slavery as it happened at one historic site on the banks of the Mississippi River in the middle of New Orleans plantation country. In this podcast, historian Katy Morlas Shannon and Director of PR and Marketing Joseph Dunn will be your guides into the Creole world, offering you true, personal, compelling stories of the people who lived, worked, and died at this unique historic site. Real History. About real people.

In this episode, we provide a brief history of Laura Plantation, share our mission, and introduce many of the topics we will discuss in later episodes. Please visit to learn more and to plan your visit.