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Podcast Season 1, Episode 1: A Place Unlike Any Other

Posted by Joseph on February 06, 2023

Laura Plantation provides a cultural experience unlike any other in the United States. Here you will find the difference that exemplifies Creole Louisiana. Explore the rigors of 200 years of daily life, along with the sobering experience of slavery as it happened at one historic site on the banks of the Mississippi River in the middle of New Orleans plantation country. In this podcast, historian Katy Morlas Shannon and Director of PR and Marketing Joseph Dunn will be your guides into the Creole world, offering you true, personal, compelling stories of the people who lived, worked, and died at this unique historic site. Real History. About real people.

In this episode, we provide a brief history of Laura Plantation, share our mission, and introduce many of the topics we will discuss in later episodes. Please visit to learn more and to plan your visit.