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  • TRANSPORTATION - DO NOT take a TAXI, UBER or LYFT service to the plantation unless you have arranged for your driver to provide transportation back to your starting point.  Laura Plantation is located in a rural area outside of these car service areas. Click here for driving directions and here for daily transportation companies. 
  • GUNS, ALCOHOL, DRUGS or ILLEGAL SUBSTANCES - are strictly prohibited and can not be consumed on the property.
  • PARKING - Free.  We can accommodate RVs for daytime parking (no overnight).
  • ARRIVAL - Upon arriving at Laura Plantation, report to the admissions window on the porch of the Plantation Store Gift Shop. If you purchased your tickets online, present verification to redeem your tour tickets.    
  • LENGTH OF TOUR - The tour is approximately 75-80 minutes.   There is considerable walking throughout the house, grounds, gardens and slave quarters.  It is about 1/4 of mile (400 meters) walk.  Tours are leisurely paced and seating is provided in designated areas.   Wear comfortable shoes and dress accordingly for the weather.
  • CELL PHONES - must be silenced and muted during the entire tour.   IF you must take a phone call, you will be asked to leave the tour so as not to distract other guests.
  • TOURS - Visitors are asked to stay with their tour guide at all times.  Wandering the property or self-guiding is NOT allowed. Our tour guides work very hard to provide everyone with an enjoyable experience.  If you enjoy your tour, please feel free to tip your tour guide!
  • CHILDREN - The material presented during the 75-80 minute tour is best suited for those ages 12 & up. If you are visiting with infants, toddlers & pre-school children, we kindly ask that if at any time during the visit your child becomes over-active, loud or distracting to please take your child to adjoining space away from the tour so that other guests can enjoy their visit. The tour guide reserves the right to request that you remove the child from the tour.  During peak times, there may be multiple, consecutive tours and there may be no place for you to go with such a child.  You may take turns babysitting your child by going on separate tours or we can offer you a complete refund.   All children 12 & under should be accompanied by an adult at ALL times while on Laura Plantation property.  Small, umbrella strollers are permitted when group sizes are small. 
  • PETS - Small dogs under 10 pounds may be taken on the tour only if they are small enough to fit into a bag or pet carrier. They may not be allowed out of the bag / carrier during any portion of the tour, inside or outside. For the safety & comfort of other guests, as well as the security of the historic furnishings, artifacts, rugs, etc., larger dogs on leashes are not allowed on the tour. Appropriately trained & identified service animals are welcome in compliance with ADA guidelines. *If your dog barks, you will be asked to remove it from the tour. Also, if any other guest indicates an allergy or fear of dogs, you will be asked to go on a later tour. 
  • FOOD & DRINK - Bottled drinks are permitted on the tour as long as the bottle cap remains screwed tight inside of the house and slave quarters.    Other food, gum and drinks in open cups or cups with lids/straws are PROHIBITED.   During summer months we recommend bringing bottled water & a fan with you.   
  • PICNICS & CONCESSIONS - Are permitted at designated tables near the parking lot and gift shop.   Laura Plantation sells chips, granola, candy and other local snacks.   We ask that all trash be disposed of in proper receptacles.  Please recycle in proper bins any paper, aluminum or plastics as designated.
  • HANDICAP ACCESSIBILITY - The main house was built in 1805 in the raised Creole style.  Therefore, the basement is ground level; however, the main floor of the house requires 15 steps up/down to enter/exit.   The slave cabin is 3 steps up/down.  There are no elevators or ramps.    If a guest can manage the stairs and have their companions carry their wheelchair or walker up the stairs that is feasible.   Laura Plantation does not provide wheelchairs.   The gift shop & restroom buildings are accessible by wheelchair and ramps.    Pathways are either bricked or graveled.
  • WEATHER - In South Louisiana we can receive approximately 80+ inches of rain per year.   We do not close for rain and tours will continue.   In a subtropical climate most times rain showers are heavy, but brief.  The sun will come out soon.   We do recommend that you be equipped with a poncho or umbrella or purchase them in the gift shop.   We will pause tours during lightning or extremely strong winds as precaution to safety.   During heavy rain, the guides will not "stand" in the rain, but it will be necessary to go quickly through the rain from one building to the next.  While temperatures in January average 52º F (11º C), we have high humidity which makes the “feel-like” temperature much colder.  Dress with warm jackets, gloves, hats & scarves as needed.
  • PERSONAL ITEMS - For the protection of our historic house & museum site and our collections, handbags and backpacks are not allowed on the tour. This includes camera bags, diaper bags, etc.  Tripods & Selfie sticks are PROHIBITED.  Backpacks and motorcycle helmets may be checked in at the front desk.  Ask for a claim ticket.
  • PHOTOGRAPHY - Still photography for personal use is allowed during the tour.   All photographs must be taken during the tour and guests are not allowed to go back onto the property for any photos.  While still photography is allowed, video and or recording of any kind, using any electronic devices is PROHIBITED.   Please contact us for commercial, engagement, bridal, high school senior or family photo shoots.
  • HEARING IMPAIRED - If you are deaf or hearing impaired please ask for a written transcript to borrow during the tour.
  • INTERNATIONAL LANGUAGES - Laura Plantation is bilingual with English and French staff on a daily basis.   Written translations are available in French, Spanish, Italian, & German.    We do NOT allow translating to occur during the tour.   Speaking at the same time as the guide, even at a whisper, is a distraction to the guide and other guests.   We ask that you briefly summarize & translate into other languages as the guide transitions and the group is walking from one tour station to the next.
  • NO SMOKING - Laura Plantation is a smoke free-site.  Prohibited are all forms of tobacco or synthetic tobacco: cigarettes, cigars, marijuana, electronic, smokeless or vaping devices.   Disposing of cigarettes in flower beds or parking lot is disgusting and prohibited.   Please help to keep Laura Plantation clean.
  • GARDENS & GROUNDS - Visitors should not pick flowers, fruits, vegetables, or nuts.   When seasonal fruits or nuts are ripe, they will be harvested by our gardening staff and placed in baskets near the gift shop for visitors to sample.   Laura Plantation is not responsible to reactions from food allergies.
  • CALL IN ADVANCE if you have any other questions (225) 265-7690.