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Podcast Season 1, Episode 11: Steamboats

Posted by Joseph on May 03, 2023

In her memoirs, Laura Locoul Gore writes, "I would often stand on the front gallery facing the river, watching the big steamboats or packets pass by, imagining what fun and excitement it would be if an accident could happen to one of them (nothing serious, of course) in front of our place that we might go to the rescue of the passengers aboard and bring them home. Now, being an old and experienced housekeeper, I would worry to the think where the food would come from to care for them."

In this episode of the Laura Plantation podcast, "Real People, Real History," Katy and Joseph talk about steamboats and the importance of river commerce to the plantation and they also discuss the tragedy of the steamboat "Meteor," described in this article from 1853 and which provides a vivid glimpse into how the Habitation Duparc-Locoul and their neighbors responded to the explosion.