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Transportation to Laura Plantation

Laura Plantation is located in a rural, agricultural area one hour from the city center and beyond the TAXI, UBER or LYFT service areas. We are also located outside of the public transit system (RTA). You cannot take a streetcar, train or public bus to the plantations. Do not take a TAXI, UBER or LYFT to Laura Plantation unless you have pre-arranged for the driver to stay in the parking lot and to return you to the city after your tour is complete.

The following companies provide daily transportation services to Laura.

Need Wheels

The following New Orleans tour companies offer transport to Laura Plantation. Please take note that since Laura is located in a rural area, neither Uber nor taxi is viable transortation option.

Tours by Isabelle Offered Daily (EN / FR / SP) 877-665-8687 [email protected]
Cajun Encounters Offered Daily 866-928-687
Southern Style Tours Offered Daily 504-568-1998 [email protected]
Soul of Nola Private Charters 504-905-4999 [email protected]
Crescent City Tours Offered Daily 888-424-8687
Flagship Limousine, Ltd. Private Charters 800-259-6562
Let's Just Ride Private Charters 504-408-2025
New Orleans Native Tours Offered Daily 855-968-8687
Elite City Tours Offered Daily (504) 598-8953
Gem Tours et FL-Institut Private Charters (EN or FR) 504-756-5812, 504-751-6304
Bespoke Experiences Private Charters (Multilingual) 504-545-8874 ext. 1