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Cyres Denelin, a native of the Attakapas region of Louisiana, was "a good blacksmith." For this reason, he was the most expensive enslaved person ever purchased by the Duparc Bros & Locoul plantation. Raymond Locoul, acting on behalf of the company, purchased Cyres from John Fitz Miller. Miller had owned Cyres for six years. Prior to that, Cyres was the property of Anthony A. Suares.

After the Civil War, Cyres established a profitable blacksmith shop near the plantation. Ivan de Lobel-Mahy, husband of Aimée Locoul and son-in-law of Raymond Locoul who had purchased him 30 years earlier, was a witness at Cyres' marriage to Marie Louise in 1870.

He took the name Cyrus Miller later in life.


Sale: 21 July 1840
Cyres Denelin (24)  $2,000
John Fitz Miller to
Duparc Bros & Locoul

Source : Felix Grima Vol 31; Act 513
Courtesy of Dale N. Atkins,
Clerk of Civil District Court,
Parish of Orleans

Image : Marriage certificate of Cyres Miller and Marie Louise