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"Don't miss to visit this plantation on you visit to New Orleans. It is one hour driving from the city, but the area is lovely to ride. The plantation itself is very interesting and our guide Anne was great, very clear and enthusiastic explaining every detail of Laura’s story."

- Florencia R

"Great tour We visited Laura and Oak Alley plantations and Laura had a much more informative and interesting tour. It included many parts of the house and the grounds, story of the family and the slaves. While Oak Alley's focus is on the exterior of the plantation, Laura provides more overall and balanced view of the time. I would suggest going to both but if you only have to pick one, definitely Laura. There's a restaurant called B&C seafood next door and we had the best soft shell crab po-boy there."

- akiraoz

"Great tour of Creole Plantation. We had a great tour with Kati today; she was knowledgeable and enthusiastic. We did not feel rushed and she welcomed questions. We had the opportunity to also visit Oak Alley today and Laura Plantation was by far our favorite."

- Stephanie L

"If you could only go to one plantation tour, make sure it is this one! We were so extremely impressed with our tour guide Ms. Rose! She shared a wealth of knowledge and was quirky, funny, serious and amazingly good at her job! The Creole plantation itself is beautifully restored and well set up to provide a wonderful tour of what life was like day in and day out."

- kantique

"We did not really want to visit Laura because we had not heard of it before; but once we read about it, we didn't want to miss it. As a creole plantation, it is totally different from the palatial ones on River Road. But our tour guide made it come alive. He is a Cajun himself ( wonderful accent) and so personally vested in their culture and history. We spent 2 hours there and could have stayed longer. What a wonderful treat!"

- Virginia

"This was an excellent tour. Our guide even related her personal life to bring the stories of Laura to life. The house is beautiful as are the grounds. They did a good job showing the beauty of the home and the history of the slaves. It was a very moving tour and I would highly recommend it!"

- Maggie

"So fabulous Visited this site with friends and we were so fortunate to be able to have a dichotomy between this and the American plantations. Beautifully restored and taken care of. The tour was amazing and Lindie did an amazing job!"

- J

"By no means one of the more grand plantation houses like nearby, Laura Plantation was easily the highlight of a busy site seeing day in the area. It struck the perfect balance of telling the historical story of the dysfunctional Duparc family and the terrible truth of the slavery system that kept them wealthy. A big shout out to Logan our guide who’s excellent presentation really brought the stories to life."

- Martin P

"We had one of the best guides, if not the best, that we ever had. Joseph told us of all the relationships that made this plantation what it was. It was a different kind of tour focusing on the connections between generations that lived and worked on this plantation and not on furnishings inside the main house. Well worth the time to take this tour."

- Sally S

"Absolutely fascinating tour. No dressed up in costume staff or illusional history. The Laura plantation is the true story of the family and their slaves over 4 generations amazing guide Logan who really knew his stuff"

- FL

"Our Guide was Renee , She was extremely good , she told the history as a Story which named it very interesting . A very well organised tour , Thank you"

- Rob

"We visited here after Oak Alley, Laura Plantation is the complete opposite, its not grand, but is still very pretty. I loved this place and learnt so much about the way people lived in those times. i bought the book of Laura's memoirs, i don't want to forget this place. This was my favourite place we visited while in New Orleans."

- Sally J

"Great tour and history. One the best tour guide (Rose) ever of her history research and her knowledge of the Plantation, the families, the slaves that worked here and what they went through and the history of the times. Recommended Laura Plantation: Louisiana's Creole Heritage Site Tour."

- Glen

"Al was amazing. He absolutely blew myself and my gf (Laura is her name too) away with his knowledge and elegant voice. He was absolutely brilliant! We really really enjoyed the immersive experience. So much history at Laura. I’m pretty much a local but I haven’t taken the time to explore the area. So glad I chose to explore Laura."

- John

"Got a good up close look at how they built the house and the materials they used. The grounds and gift shop were nice, the facilities were clean and the staff very helpful and nice. Camille, our guide, was the best of the guides of the 4 plantations we visited."

- Phil