Visiting Laura

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VisitYou are invited to enjoy a cultural tour experience unlike anywhere else in the United States.

Here, on the banks of the Mississippi River, in the middle of New Orleans Plantation Country, at one historic farm, surrounded by fields of sugarcane, you will find the difference that exemplifies Creole Louisiana.

Your admission includes:

  • A guided tour based on Laura Locoul's Memories of the Old Plantation Home.
  • A guided tour of the newly restored Big House, its raised basement and galleries, men's and women's parlors, service rooms and common rooms.
  • A guided tour of the 200-year-old sugar plantation homestead with a visit into the 3 gardens: Jardin Français, the kitchen potager & BananaLand grove.
  • A guided tour inside one of our slave cabins, built in 1840, where the ancient west-African tales of Compair Lapin, better known in English as "Br'er Rabbit," were recorded. On the grounds are 12 buildings on the National Register, including animal barns, overseers' cottages and the 1829 Maison de Reprise.
  • Free parking and entrance to the Laura Plantation Store. Payment is required to take the tour of the house & grounds. (No self-guiding).

Group Rates and Specialty Themed Tours are available daily by reservation.

Laura stands in the heart of New Orleans Plantation Country. While you are in the area, enjoy our neighboring attractions, accommodations and local Creole & Cajun cuisine that Louisiana's Great River Road has waiting for you!