Slave Registry

Slave Registry

Human bondage was long a part of Louisiana's Creole world.  Whereas Louisiana would be the last place on the North American continent where slavery was legally permitted, the institution that lasted over 140 years began in this State more as a system of class rather than of color or race as there were African slaves, American Indian slaves and European slaves in Louisiana.  Creole Louisiana would function as a class society and slavery was the lowest but fundamental part of that society.

Page One of the Duparc Plantation Slave Registry, dated 1808.

Below is the English translation of the above slave registry for all 17 slaves.

Above is a translated copy of the newspaper article from the New Orleans "Abeille" announcing a bounty for 6 slaves who had escaped from the Duparc Plantation, 1816.

Engraving of the Slave Market at the Rotunda of the St.Louis Hotel in New Orleans where many of the Duparc slaves were bought and sold. 


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