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Tours by Isabelle: Laura & Oak Alley Combo

Tours by Isabelle: Laura & Oak Alley Combo

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  • Tours of Laura & Oak Alley Plantations with round-trip transportation
  • Enjoy free time on the plantations to explore the beautiful grounds
  • See slave cabins on the National Register at Laura Plantation
  • Visit the home that gave birth to the legendary rascal Br’er Rabbit folktales


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Journey the charming back roads of the Louisiana countryside to visit 2 historic estates on the Laura & Oak Alley Plantations Tour. Feast your eyes on Oak Alley Plantation, a fabulous example of Greek Revival architecture, with its spectacular live oak canopy and illuminating slavery exhibit. Dive into the dramatic and tragic history of the brightly colored Creole mansion at Laura Plantation as you tour the Maison Principale, learn of its Creole inhabitants, and walk the sugarcane fields that once flourished. For an in-depth dive into the Antebellum South, with all its complex history, come tour Oak Alley & Laura Plantation with Tours by Isabelle today!

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