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Creoles & Slavery

Understanding the experience of enslaved people in Creole Louisiana

For more than 20 years, Laura Plantation has been at the forefront of presenting the stories of enslaved people in Creole Louisiana. In February 2017, a museum exhibit entitled, "From the Big House to the Quarters: Slavery on Laura Plantation" was opened in a restored overseer's cottage. Daily research into this most important aspect of the plantation's history is ongoing.

Original 1840s slave cabin 

Human bondage was long a part of Louisiana's Creole world. Whereas Louisiana would be the last place on the North American continent where slavery was legally permitted, the institution that endured over 140 years began in this State more as a system of class rather than of color or race as there were Native American slaves, African slaves, and European slaves in Louisiana. Creole Louisiana would function as a feudal class society and slavery was the lowest but fundamental part of that system.