In the case of most trends, what is old becomes new again. Your grandmother?「どィび「s pearls show up on today?「どィび「s supermodels; her favorite crooner reappears decades later as the toast of the town. Even in Paris?「どィてthe city that?「どィび「s always en vogue?「どィてthis phenomenon occurs time and again. The Paris of your grandmother?「どィび「s time was alive with the songs of a genre called chanson. Very traditional in its sound, chanson was rediscovered and revamped in the late 50s and early 60s before it once again became pass?ノャゥ with younger audiences, who embraced rock and pop as the sound of their generation. Now, forty years later, a new school of musicians has given a fresh voice to this vintage sound, creating the nouvelle sc?ノャョne (new scene) that is all the rage in Paris. Paris is an introduction to a vibrant group of artists out to prove that this is not your grandma?「どィび「s chanson.